These are other superheroes that exist in Captain-Japan's universe who help him from time to time to battle against SHADOW's forces.

  • Furkaizer-01:  Jonichi (aka Furkaizer-01) is a 12 year-old squirrel-kid who becomes a superhero armed with a energy-sword.
  • Cosmo-Rabbit: an inter-dimensional police-officer who always wears his rabbit-based suit because he can't breath the  air of our universe. He is a caring person wth a strong sense of justice and protects the innocent from villains. He is armed with a short sword that also works as a gun called the Cosmo-Edge Blade and a larger carrot-like sword called the Carrot-Caliber. He sometimes teams up with other heroes like Captain-Japan for example to battle common foes, like SHADOW.  
  • Captain-Japan G: Jamika Miyamoto  is cheerful, fun-loving girl who becomes the superhero, Captain-Japan G (Girl). Jamika is really the female version of Jamiko Miyamoto from another universe. After an adventure with Jamiko once, she got stuck in our universe, so she'd stick around for awhile until she can find a way back home. I've based Jamika's battle suit design around a kitten and instead of a sword, she can use cat-like claws to slice opponents in a fight. In our universe, she has become very close to Jamiko=^w^= 

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